Saturday, April 25, 2009

Haters everywhere

There has been so much attention in the news about the cost of labour when discussing everything that surrounds this horrible economy. I have noticed a few things about this phenomenon;

  • Everyone is obsessed with placing blame.
  • Many people seem quick to judge what other people are worth for their work.
  • Some people are even happy to hear about others losing their job.
With the first point there is some validity. I mean it is important to understand how we got here in order to get us out and move forward. We also don't want to make the same mistakes again any time soon. But that is where it should end. If we are stalled on pointing fingers we will take forever to get to the problem solving stage. The longer we wait, the more time we lose lost in the downturn.

I will say that I am not completely objective when it comes to the second point. I work for a material supplier to the auto industry and would be considered management. I see every day what people actually do in auto assembly plants so I am confident I know what I'm talking about.
My problem comes with the public scrutiny that is thrust upon the auto workers and especially the CAW. So many comments in the National Post and the Globe and Mail from Canadians complaining that the auto workers make way too much money. Whether they are better compensated than many others is not in question. They do. That's fine. Unions over the last century have stood together and got better compensation and security when their employers were making large profits. And in the rare times where the companies were not making profits or were in trouble, they did what needed to be done to get back to profitability. Now they are making concessions to try and hold onto their jobs. No one outside of this situation has the right to declare auto workers make too much money. If you make less than them and are jealous, get out there and do something to improve your own situation. Don't try to piss on everyone else and make excuses for yourself.
The government is making loans to Chrysler and GM to protect all of us, not just a few. If you don't like what your elected officials are doing, then make a difference with your vote.

On the last point I was unable to come up with any explanation why people would cheer other losing their employment. Jealousy or not, hoping that people will be unable to put a roof over their head or feed their kids is sick. I will only suggest that all those people should just keep their membership at That way they can look at all the corpses and mutilated bodies to find their personal happy place. Your a sick bastard for wishing someone loses their job.

I would like to finish this by wishing everyone out there good luck in the future. No matter how much of a prick you might be.

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