Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twitter is Borg

I googled 'Twitter is Borg" to see how many others have come to this conclusion. Surprisingly few have made the observation that operating on Twitter essentially makes you part of the 'collective' and puts you on course to join the hive mind.

On Star Trek, the Borg were a group of tech savvy cyborgs that absorbed and assimilated all sorts of creatures and cultures into their own. They operated as a collective mind where all their thoughts were joined together. It had it's advantages because their collective brain power was added together into a super computer like hive. Kind of like a group of PC's linked together with Linux to solve a problem.

The problem I see with this, is that like Star Trek where the Borg was a powerful force to absorb the unknowing and defenseless Twitter brings in people and permanently connects them to the hive. Removing yourself from the collective was painful, just like trying to deactivate a Facebook profile.

Ashton Kutcher is even showing the Regis and Kelly audience how wonderful Twitter can be. It pains me to think that somehow Grandma and her cat are now sharing tech space with me.

That is good to keep me off Twitter for quite some time. But just like Facebook proved to me.

Resistence is futile.