Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twitter is Borg

I googled 'Twitter is Borg" to see how many others have come to this conclusion. Surprisingly few have made the observation that operating on Twitter essentially makes you part of the 'collective' and puts you on course to join the hive mind.

On Star Trek, the Borg were a group of tech savvy cyborgs that absorbed and assimilated all sorts of creatures and cultures into their own. They operated as a collective mind where all their thoughts were joined together. It had it's advantages because their collective brain power was added together into a super computer like hive. Kind of like a group of PC's linked together with Linux to solve a problem.

The problem I see with this, is that like Star Trek where the Borg was a powerful force to absorb the unknowing and defenseless Twitter brings in people and permanently connects them to the hive. Removing yourself from the collective was painful, just like trying to deactivate a Facebook profile.

Ashton Kutcher is even showing the Regis and Kelly audience how wonderful Twitter can be. It pains me to think that somehow Grandma and her cat are now sharing tech space with me.

That is good to keep me off Twitter for quite some time. But just like Facebook proved to me.

Resistence is futile.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Haters everywhere

There has been so much attention in the news about the cost of labour when discussing everything that surrounds this horrible economy. I have noticed a few things about this phenomenon;

  • Everyone is obsessed with placing blame.
  • Many people seem quick to judge what other people are worth for their work.
  • Some people are even happy to hear about others losing their job.
With the first point there is some validity. I mean it is important to understand how we got here in order to get us out and move forward. We also don't want to make the same mistakes again any time soon. But that is where it should end. If we are stalled on pointing fingers we will take forever to get to the problem solving stage. The longer we wait, the more time we lose lost in the downturn.

I will say that I am not completely objective when it comes to the second point. I work for a material supplier to the auto industry and would be considered management. I see every day what people actually do in auto assembly plants so I am confident I know what I'm talking about.
My problem comes with the public scrutiny that is thrust upon the auto workers and especially the CAW. So many comments in the National Post and the Globe and Mail from Canadians complaining that the auto workers make way too much money. Whether they are better compensated than many others is not in question. They do. That's fine. Unions over the last century have stood together and got better compensation and security when their employers were making large profits. And in the rare times where the companies were not making profits or were in trouble, they did what needed to be done to get back to profitability. Now they are making concessions to try and hold onto their jobs. No one outside of this situation has the right to declare auto workers make too much money. If you make less than them and are jealous, get out there and do something to improve your own situation. Don't try to piss on everyone else and make excuses for yourself.
The government is making loans to Chrysler and GM to protect all of us, not just a few. If you don't like what your elected officials are doing, then make a difference with your vote.

On the last point I was unable to come up with any explanation why people would cheer other losing their employment. Jealousy or not, hoping that people will be unable to put a roof over their head or feed their kids is sick. I will only suggest that all those people should just keep their membership at rotten.com. That way they can look at all the corpses and mutilated bodies to find their personal happy place. Your a sick bastard for wishing someone loses their job.

I would like to finish this by wishing everyone out there good luck in the future. No matter how much of a prick you might be.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bell is still Evil

"...An Ontario Superior Court ruling could open the door to police routinely using Internet Protocol addresses to find out the names of people online, without any need for a search warrant....
...The ruling by Judge Leitch was made in a possession of child pornography case in southwestern Ontario....

It appears that Bell Canada's has a policy of providing personal I.P. addresses to police without warrants. as long as they fill in a form letter provided by Bell. Most other ISPs require a search warrant.

Now we should all be happy that a child pornography case has been solved, but shouldn't we be asking why the police didn't simply get a search warrant? Sure, but as easy as it would be to blame the police for being so lazy, wouldn't you expect Bell to stand up for the rights of it's customers a little bit?

This just confirms my personal feelings that Bell is no friend of the consumer.

Boycott Bell Canada!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fat, Lazy, unemployed?

It's unfortunate that so many people will lose their jobs because of the current economic downturn, but it will turn around eventually. That gives little solace to anyone going on unemployment, but it will turn around.
The auto industry is not dead and isn't going anywhere. People need to drive and they love to drive. Old cars are always dying off and need to be replaced. You can only keep your car going with duck tape and jumper cables for so long. So ultimately people will need to buy new cars. When this happens, the question will be 'what kind of car to buy'? Hopefully the Big 3 will still be around when that question is asked because selfishly, my livelihood is tied to the domestic auto industry.
I am sick of hearing people in the media reporting that Detroit needs to die because they are producing cars that nobody wants. Really? Are people that stupid? (rhetorical) Of course they are.
Detroit has been building powerhouses and gas guzzlers because that's what their customers wanted. People always want more power in a car. When you ask them why, it's usually some lame excuse like merging into traffic or passing properly. It's because of our instant gratification society that claims like that seem to make sense to others.
It wasn't until the environmentalists joined together with capitalists and convinced people that oil should be expensive. One side because they wanted people to burn less fuel, and the other because they wanted to make more off of selling less. It was the perfect marriage.
Our modern society is obsessed with getting whatever they want, so when oil prices went up and people spent more getting to work, they didn't think that they should cut back on the double lattes and ipods and laptops and cellphones. And once the housing bubble burst in the US and sent a cold shock across the world economic landscape everyone got scared and stopped spending. Now they are all in debt and losing their jobs. So many will find there is no way to climb out of a hole that deep without a job and will suffer.
It doesn't matter if it's the weather or the economy, everything runs in cycles. Noone knows how long it will take for the economy to strengthen again, but be sure that it will. Knowing that is the first step in restoring consumer confidence to get the ball rolling again.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bell sucks

I just can't let this one go. Bell Canada is throttling my internet and everyone else within their reach. I thought I was immune because I use mnsi.net for my ISP, but I was wrong. My house is run on a 'remote' from their direct network, so Bell has their claws in my ass. I would switch my ISP, but Bell holds all the cards.

I finally came up with a good analogy to describe what Bell is doing. They are acting like a drug cartel that owns all the distribution means in their kingdom. They are allowing other smaller entrepreneurs to sell drugs on their turf for a fee, but they will not allow them to sell a stronger product.

Sure I could have used a more flattering example, let's say oil companies slowing down gasoline production to ensure that prices stay artificially high, but I feel that Bells actions are more criminal. Sure the CRTC has so far ruled Bells practice as fair, but who gives a crap what the CRTC thinks. They are a just bunch of xenophobes that don't want any outside cultural influence on Canada.

I am frustrated that the only thing I can do about this is complain to myself on a blog, but what the hell, I guess it's at least cathartic.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Business, Big Crooks

Well it seems that the CRTC has decided that it is OK for Bell Canada to censor the internet.
Bell owns the lines that supply the internet in Canada, so they make the rules. Sounds fair? Not.

What they are doing, is slowing down your internet speed whenever you are using more bandwidth than they like. The reason I never used Bell internet in the first place was that they had caps on speed and content. They must have discovered they were losing too much business to smaller ISP's that weren't limiting peoples surfing. So the only way they could fix that was to screw over everyone equally.

Now, I am getting charged the same money for less service and there is nothing I can do about it.
This definitely seems like a conflict of interest on Bells part. The CRTC should be watching out for Canadians, not laying down for Bell.

This is bad business practice plain and simple. I've never been a fan of the CRTC. Unfortunately I used to be able to blame the Liberals for all the CRTC did. Now that blame falls squarely on the Conservatives.

I can already picture telling my grandchildren one day about how great the internet used to be.

The future continues to get darker.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What the market could bear.

I haven't chimed in for awhile because like many others out there I've been too busy soaking my investment statements in tears as global markets crash. I'm sure mattress manufacturers are rethinking their new lines and toying with the idea of putting a zipper in the side so people can stuff them with cash to keep it safe.

Actually, I rarely look at my R.R.S.P. portfolio. I just keep throwing money in there hoping that I can live long enough to see it put to good use and pray that some future Liberal or NDP government doesn't get into power and decide that my savings should be 'shared' with someone less fortunate that didn't save a nickle.

But back to the global market crunch.... I think it has been unavoidable for years. All that was needed was a couple of triggers in the U.S. economy to cause everything to go into the shitter.

The reason I felt that way was because business was getting too greedy. Just like drug dealers that keep it under the radar for years, but they try to make too much money too fast and they get burned.

Just like you, I had been wondering why everything has been getting so expensive. Every time I open my water bill, or electricity bill, or my cell phone bill I wonder how much more are they going to try and squeeze out of me. the price of gasoline kept going up, the price of diesel suddenly rose above regular unleaded and no one blinked. All these things kept rising and the one answer I kept getting to why this was happening was that they were just charging what the market would bear.

I must be honest and say that I figured if they raised prices too high, they would notice sales drop and roll them back. The problem was that nobody did. Then the tipping point was reached.

All the people who have been living beyond their means in the times of easy credit couldn't pay anymore. Specifically, the harshest reality was in the U.S. where it was policy to give mortgages to people who didn't deserve them. Those people just couldn't pay anymore and gave their houses back to the bank. This wouldn't have been so much of a problem if the banks didn't hand out so many of these mortgages. If a handful of reckless people lose their house, there is always someone else who can afford to buy it. If too many people lose their houses to the banks, noone can afford to buy them and the banks can't afford to keep them.

Then the big panic started, and the fear of a economic slowdown in the U.S. caused people to sell their volatile stocks and put the money in something more stable (like mattresses).

Once something like this happens, it's like yelling 'FIRE' in a crowded theatre. everyone rushes to get out and alot of good people get trampled and die.