Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bell is still Evil

"...An Ontario Superior Court ruling could open the door to police routinely using Internet Protocol addresses to find out the names of people online, without any need for a search warrant....
...The ruling by Judge Leitch was made in a possession of child pornography case in southwestern Ontario....

It appears that Bell Canada's has a policy of providing personal I.P. addresses to police without warrants. as long as they fill in a form letter provided by Bell. Most other ISPs require a search warrant.

Now we should all be happy that a child pornography case has been solved, but shouldn't we be asking why the police didn't simply get a search warrant? Sure, but as easy as it would be to blame the police for being so lazy, wouldn't you expect Bell to stand up for the rights of it's customers a little bit?

This just confirms my personal feelings that Bell is no friend of the consumer.

Boycott Bell Canada!

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