Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bell sucks

I just can't let this one go. Bell Canada is throttling my internet and everyone else within their reach. I thought I was immune because I use for my ISP, but I was wrong. My house is run on a 'remote' from their direct network, so Bell has their claws in my ass. I would switch my ISP, but Bell holds all the cards.

I finally came up with a good analogy to describe what Bell is doing. They are acting like a drug cartel that owns all the distribution means in their kingdom. They are allowing other smaller entrepreneurs to sell drugs on their turf for a fee, but they will not allow them to sell a stronger product.

Sure I could have used a more flattering example, let's say oil companies slowing down gasoline production to ensure that prices stay artificially high, but I feel that Bells actions are more criminal. Sure the CRTC has so far ruled Bells practice as fair, but who gives a crap what the CRTC thinks. They are a just bunch of xenophobes that don't want any outside cultural influence on Canada.

I am frustrated that the only thing I can do about this is complain to myself on a blog, but what the hell, I guess it's at least cathartic.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Business, Big Crooks

Well it seems that the CRTC has decided that it is OK for Bell Canada to censor the internet.
Bell owns the lines that supply the internet in Canada, so they make the rules. Sounds fair? Not.

What they are doing, is slowing down your internet speed whenever you are using more bandwidth than they like. The reason I never used Bell internet in the first place was that they had caps on speed and content. They must have discovered they were losing too much business to smaller ISP's that weren't limiting peoples surfing. So the only way they could fix that was to screw over everyone equally.

Now, I am getting charged the same money for less service and there is nothing I can do about it.
This definitely seems like a conflict of interest on Bells part. The CRTC should be watching out for Canadians, not laying down for Bell.

This is bad business practice plain and simple. I've never been a fan of the CRTC. Unfortunately I used to be able to blame the Liberals for all the CRTC did. Now that blame falls squarely on the Conservatives.

I can already picture telling my grandchildren one day about how great the internet used to be.

The future continues to get darker.