Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bell sucks

I just can't let this one go. Bell Canada is throttling my internet and everyone else within their reach. I thought I was immune because I use for my ISP, but I was wrong. My house is run on a 'remote' from their direct network, so Bell has their claws in my ass. I would switch my ISP, but Bell holds all the cards.

I finally came up with a good analogy to describe what Bell is doing. They are acting like a drug cartel that owns all the distribution means in their kingdom. They are allowing other smaller entrepreneurs to sell drugs on their turf for a fee, but they will not allow them to sell a stronger product.

Sure I could have used a more flattering example, let's say oil companies slowing down gasoline production to ensure that prices stay artificially high, but I feel that Bells actions are more criminal. Sure the CRTC has so far ruled Bells practice as fair, but who gives a crap what the CRTC thinks. They are a just bunch of xenophobes that don't want any outside cultural influence on Canada.

I am frustrated that the only thing I can do about this is complain to myself on a blog, but what the hell, I guess it's at least cathartic.

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