Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Natural Lawn Care

People are just stupid.

With everyone trying to outgreen each other, the Windsor Star actually published an article telling people to pour horticultural vinegar on weeds in their lawn. That would be stupid enough on it's own, but this person is a Horticulture Technician graduate and vice president of the Windsor and Essex County chapter of the Canadian Organic Growers Association. and the claim is that it is done without chemicals.

As a St. Clair graduate myself, I can tell you that vinegar is a chemical and at 30% purity it is kinda nasty. The fumes would definitely choke you a bit.

"There are no chemicals in anything I use," she says. "They're all made from natural ingredients, so there's no environmental impact. I even let the kids apply it."

I am at a loss in trying to underline the stupidity in that statement.

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