Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm only 36!

I never thought that I would ever be saying "I'm only 36". I mean, that still sounds so old to me. I can specifically remember being a teenager thinking ahead to New Years Eve 1999 and thinking 'Wow, I'll be 27 then.' And that sounded old to me. I hope I have alot of years left to go, but I don't think the future looks all too rosy.

What I am getting at here is that even though I am still relatively young, I am happy to say that I am jumping the gun and going for early admission into the Grumpy Old Man Club. It makes sense because ;
  • I think the world is going to hell and we're all screwed if todays youth will be in charge one day.
  • I used to find other peoples stupidity amusing, but over the last few years now I find it more difficult to suffer fools gladly.
  • I complain about my taxes and the lazy people who benefit from me working. Especially politicians.
  • I think that the difference between police brutality and a justified beating is only a matter of your perspective.
  • I think the biggest problem with youth today is parents.
  • I think they call it climate change only to describe what is being done to the data to support a troubled theory.
We will see how long it takes me to stumble across a news bit that gets my attention and makes me say " Oh come on!"

Ciao for now.


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