Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bill C-61

It seems that facebook users have actually made a diference. I learned that this bill was going to be introduced back in December of 2007 but there was a facebook group of 20,000 opposed to it.
Now that it has reappeared, there are 50,000 members on that facebook group and other smaller groups splintering off.
I'm happy that awareness is rising.

I'm against the bill as it stands because it will not encourage or enhance business. It will only discourage it. The recording industry is not losing any significant money because of file sharing. In fact, I believe the opposite is happening. Because artists work is more freely distributed, more interest is created and more record / merchandise sales are made. The RIAA cried for years about Napster cutting into their sales, even when record sales continued to grow.

It's CRAP!

If the government wants to discourage rights infringement, make policy that would go after people who sell media illegally. I don't think it's morally wrong to watch a downloaded movie for free, but if someone downloads it, burns it, and sells copies to their friends, that would be criminal.

If bill C-61 is passed, a lot of media that I have paid for, would be lost because I would be forbidden to make back-up copies. CD's or DVD's with copyright protection software on them could not be transferred onto my personal Mp3 or video player without breaking the law.

I am conservative, but I do not support the conservative party on th e basis of this bill. If it causes an election, I will not hold it against the opposition.

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