Sunday, June 29, 2008

Response for George

My friend George sent me this link and asked me to comment on it. So here goes...

Well, the simplest response I can give is that none of it matters.
We are trying to cause panic about the future by using such short range predictions. We (as humans) are so self-absorbed and arrogant to think that the planet has the same life cycle as we do (ie <100 years). The earth is disputed to be over 4-5 billion years old. And that is only a guess by scientists. It CANNOT be measured accurately yet. Trying to predict climate for the next 50 years by what happened in the last 30 is stupid. That's like saying that the earth is going into an ice age by watching what happens outside your window from November to January!

First the period of the last 30 years in regards to northern ice melting is insignificant for the reasons stated above but I found two things interesting.. 1. Because they don't tell you that the winter of 2007 it became the 2nd thickest on record. and 2. The South pole ice mass has been growing for the last 60 years.

In regards to sea level, I don't think they can accurately average global sea level withing 120 or so millimeters when the oceans are miles deep and cover 70% of the planet. The scale is completely out of, well, scale. lol

Carbon dioxide emissions are insignificant because all the carbon dioxide we produce by burning fossil fuels is already part of the carbon cycle. When we start importing CO2 from Venus, I'll start to worry.

Global temperatures is another example of bad data. If we were only concerned with the surface temperature of the planet it would still be flawed on the base of scale and measurement frequency. There's no way that enough measurements were taken in the 1890s to get a good global sampling and that probably holds true all the way up into the 80's when satellites were used enough. Looking at the last 30 years isn't enough to predict the next 30 anyway.
More importantly, they omitted global ocean temperatures which are currently being studied by a group of international scientists in the ARGO project.

I don't want to spoil the party , but no data they have collected yet shows ANY increase in global ocean temps. I believe they found the opposite. Maybe it's all the melting glaciers cooling the oceans? WRONG ! Don't forget about Antarctica growing!

That's all I can stand for now. I'm starting to irritate myself!

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